Can you cheat on words with friends

can you cheat on words with friends

How to Cheat at Words with Friends. Words with Friends is an incredibly popular computer game similar to the classic board game Scrabble. Many people. Q: I love playing Words with Friends and have been doing so for several years now. I play with old friends as well as strangers, sometimes. I believe that is also a form of cheating. What ever happened to just playing the words you know. You can learn more words from playing an. September 29, at 6: A couple of times I've had a regular word and I'll stick on the leftover letters as a prefix or suffix and have it turn out to be legal. The challenge, improved word knowledge and fun. I suspect a few of my opponents are cheating. Last game he bonus zertifikat four 7-letter word plays and five moves into our new game he already has two 7-letter words. If you don't want your partner to suspect that you are cheating, wait awhile before making a move even if you have already looked up what word to use next. And how can someone cheat with the game? Find all posts by jackdavinci. Browse words that begin with a letter on the board followed by one or two that you have in your hand. Just when I thought I was burning out the last of my brain cells, into my life comes this game that has sharpened my focus, tests my strategic thinking skills and, of course, challenges my vocabulary. I wish you could make it so the game would accept any combination of letters, but the other player could choose to challenge it or not. Based on the letters already on the board and those that are played next, it seems that there ought to be a way to determine how optimal a player's of a scenario is. Like this comment by Dogmom on BlogMyBrain on May 10, I will admit to having used a word finder once. There is no prize for having the highest score and claiming your undeserved victory. I have another friend who played me once but never again. Trends in Government Software Developers. The daily challenge now has an honesty rating system under MyTourney.

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Originally Posted by jackdavinci What I think is worse is when someone forfeits because they do t think they can win. Most of the obscure words I play come from the cutthroat people I play with. As for consulting other players This is the best we can do? Studies have shown that the best way to improve your vocabulary is through reading. Who knew that was a word?? Join them; it only takes a minute: My brother used to kick my ass, but finally I can give him a game. But I love to play, feel free to start a game with me at any time. I have been playing with someone that seems to defy the reasonable tipico live scores of maybe one or two per game. You can use these tags: Use up to two "? can you cheat on words with friends

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How To Cheat in Words With Friends I'm not talking about spending some time with a dictionary and studying up on your Z words -- the stuff of serious Scrabble-playing. January 15, at 7: Words with Friends is an incredibly popular computer game similar to the classic board game Scrabble. August 3, at 1: For example, if I saw a player make a 6 letter word like CUPIDS for 35 points that sets me up for the triple word, when they could have played CUP for 33 points in a different area that wouldn't set me up for the triple word, I'd automatically be a little suspicious. If you're making a word, be very concious of where they will be able to go next round with your word.


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